The second annual Showcase Showdown took place on 18 June 2017 and featured nine of Vancouver's best up-and-coming filmmakers in the city's most competitive film series. 

Congratulations to all the competing films and crews, and especially our winners:

Joel Ashton McCarthy, I Love You So Much It's Killing Them - Best Short Film

Mayumi Yoshida, Akashi - Best Acting Performance

Luke Bramley, Bestia - Best Cinematography


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  Past Shows  

​The Haunted Saloon 

Best Film - The Wolf Who Came to Dinner 

Best Monster - el Gigante 

Best Performance - Ariel Hansen 


The Big One

Best Picture - Vehicular Romanticide

Best Foreign Film - Singularity

Best Performance - Lauren Donnelly 

Winter is Coming​

Best Picture - Dead Hearts 

End of Violence Against Women Feature, No Woman by Yama Rauf