Past Shows  

​The Haunted Saloon 

Best Film - The Wolf Who Came to Dinner 

Best Monster - el Gigante 

Best Performance - Ariel Hansen 


The Big One

Best Picture - Vehicular Romanticide

Best Foreign Film - Singularity

Best Performance - Lauren Donnelly 

Winter is Coming​

Best Picture - Dead Hearts 

End of Violence Against Women Feature, No Woman by Yama Rauf


The second annual Showcase Showdown took place on 18 June 2017 and featured nine of Vancouver's best up-and-coming filmmakers in the city's most competitive film series. 

Congratulations to all the competing films and crews, and especially our winners:

Joel Ashton McCarthy, I Love You So Much It's Killing Them - Best Short Film

Mayumi Yoshida, Akashi - Best Acting Performance

Luke Bramley, Bestia - Best Cinematography


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