This gritty, real-as-life short film puts the user right on the cross and let's them experience the most famous death of all time and encourages reflection on the finer points of theology, belief, and death. 

The Last Lonely Moments will be produced in partnership with the Arts Factory and Mortal Coil, and will utilize 360 film,  spatialized sound and the Unity engine to (re)create an experience that few people will be able to ignore.  

Copyright 2017 Hammer & Tong Picture Industries Ltd.

Jump Start Project Pitches

Drugs and drug use are a contentious political, social, and moral issue. Face the Dragon seeks to expand this complex narrative by asking three individuals to tell their stories from the heart of Vancouver's fentanyl epidemic. An overdosing user, an addict trying to get clean, and a manufacturer staying a step ahead of law enforcement offer recreations of their real experiences in hopes of helping to find a solution.