Beyond the Met

​directed by Gregg Corbin

A first-time director is forced to completely re-imagine his film when his project for a competition meets unexpected obstacles.

Triple Distilled

directed by Deborah Shawcross

After a few drinks a bartender, a chef and a waitress open up about life in one of Yaletown's hottest bars. 

9 bars

How to Pick up Women

directed by Zia Marashi

Mitch has a book on how to pickup women. He can teach Zia everything he knows. Question is, what does he really know?

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The Keefer

​directed by Linnea Ritland

Dance the night away at an old Chinatown apothecary. 

 9 stories​​ 

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9 directors

On the Rox

directed by Nick Brooks 

​A bored bartender finds an unexpected escape from his mundane life in a curious crustacean.

Paint the Town Red

directed by Ariel Hansen & Topher Graham

After receiving a pair of tickets in the mail, Andie and Josephine visit a mysterious new club, only to find things a little unusual..

Customer Satisfaction

directed by Sinziana Corozel

About to turn 30, and desperate to escape her loneliness, an infamous bar regular embarks on a dating spree at her local watering hole. 

The Game

directed by Kevin Saxby

A group of friends lament over

that truly, horrible game last night.

Portside Story

directed by Tim Duyzer

Detective Sandy Shores follows a lead through Gastown to the local watering hole where he struggles to unravel a mystery.